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Aim of education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Aim of education - Essay ExampleAt the start οf Early-Modern Britain, schooling was very limited in its form. Education was not as widespread as it was towards the end οf the period. Education was normally limited to the Royalty and Nobility. Not through legislation but the expense οf private tuition and lack οf other established educational institutions. Private tutors were the educators οf British Society in Medieval times. Tutors were academics that taught children in their homes. Tutors sometimes lived with their students and became tutor-companions οf the students. This mode οf education was clearly out οf reach to a large proportion οf the population. The other previous form οf limited education was related to the religious orders οf the time, within monasteries. This was very limited due to the numbers that the church could take and provide employment for.After a time several other types οf schooling established themselves in British Society. At the start οf Early-Modern Britain there were several modes οf schooling developing. These included groupings such as Independent Schools, Song Schools and alas, grammar schools. Independent schools for example had a single headmaster that ran classes from his own home and drew his students from the local community. Some Headmasters ran boarding schools that were designed for students to live and study in. These forms οf schools deviated from the previous form οf education, the private tutor.Endowed schools arose from several communities and towns. The municipal councils often sponsored these endowed schools. This sometimes allowed for free or subsidised education for all young boys (and some girls) who lived in the community. Young girls however, were seldom taught in the town in which they lived.The purpose οf the education was to train future workers and leaders οf the town. Such towns and communities believed that a good education would lead to a

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